You have to know one thing

” kids can learn anything. “


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OMMO Crayons


What type of crayon are you using?


During the growth period of children,

harmony of the emotion from color and critical thought helps brain development (EQ development).




Have you thought about what would be the best type of crayons for your lovely child?


OMMO crayons is "My child's first crayon-Touching colors" to the concept of an educational crayons

that can recognize colors and shapes of things through the association of visual and tactile effects.



Children first come in contact with crayons between the ages of 1 and 3.

At this time, they develop the understanding for relationship between objects, and education showing the relationship of color and object such as “red apple” helps cognitive development. Later on, it helps the child become curious about information, for instance, “there are many objects in the world that are related to the color red.”

OMMO Crayons by sasoham_Color

The older version of crayons were simple tools to draw,

but OMMO crayons have the special feature of helping children understand mutual relationship between color and objects,

and help cognitive development.


There is the magical question of which parents must answer by stopping whatever they were doing.


   "Mom, Dad! What's this? "  


You’ve heard this a lot, right?


Through crayons, children can develop curiosity about colors and all objects around them,

and we hope this can become the link for natural conversation between the parent and child.



      F U N C T I O N     


     Educational crayons that allow kids to perceive colors through their sense of touch and sight     

The existing crayons are just art tools to draw pictures,

while OMMO Crayons enable kids to naturally not only see and touch shapes but associate crayons with colors,

through their eyes and fingers during the use of crayons.

While using red crayons, they can know what apple looks like and that the color of apple is red. 


     The shape of pebbles that are helpful for the development of minor muscles    

Minor muscles develop from one year after their birth to infancy until the school age.

In early infancy, the motion of major muscles is dominant, but as days go by to later stages, the development of minor muscles enable kids to make sophisticated body control, leading them to write and wear clothes. 


There has had no significant change in crayons over the last dozens of years, so bar-type crayons are still popular. Traditional bar-type crayons are the shapes that are unreasonable for their use in early infancy. This is because the bar-type crayons have the shapes that are difficult for infants unfamiliar with the sophisticated use of their fingers to even grip.

OMMO crayons are "my kid's first crayons” that can help develop babies' minor muscles through the power to grip and press pebble-shaped crayons to be easily grabbed by them.


     Use of non-toxic, safe crayon materials    

OMMO crayons made ​​for children use raw materials alone in compliance with international safety standards.

OMMO crayons boast of high quality with which they have passed European safety standards, CE-EN 71 part3, and American Society for Testing Materials' ASTM-D4236, and Korean Standards for Autonomous Safety Inspection. We strive for children's use of the crayons in a more secure environment through continuous research and development.


     Products that can be used by children with visual impairment, color blindness, or color amblyopia    

OMMO crayons have started with the provision of writing materials for visually impaired children to draw pictures with for themselves.

We hope even such a small attempt will help the visually handicapped children develop self-reliance. Also, we expect that the attempt will solve the inconvenience and discomfort suffered by children with color blindness or weakness and that children with such inconvenience and discomfort will be perceived rapidly and will receive help around you.

Thus, OMMO crayons are universal design-based crayons that can be used by not only ordinary children but visually impaired, blind or weak children.


     Hard to break shape    

Long crayons are easily broken, so they can cause accidents when children swallow a piece of broken crayon. Further, children who are not familiar with force control may sometimes break crayons when drawing pictures. The crayons that are easily broken mean that they cannot be used for a long time accordingly. Right?

OMMO crayons boasts the durability; that is, the crayons are not easily broken even though children throw, step on, or drop them.


     Crayons which does not get on hands    

Children can use crayons cleanly for a long time because crayons do not stick to their hands.


     Larger size    

OMMO crayons are twice the size of existing crayons, so children can use them for an extended period of time.


     Crayon box that makes kids feel enjoyable in inserting crayons    

Soft, dark sponge in the box will not harm the crayons when removing from or replacing in the boxes,

and this makes it easier for the child to recognize the colors.

Children like playing, and replacing the crayons in the box is also play.

By replacing the crayons into the box, fine motor skills will develop with aid in form, space, and cognitive development.

The rate of children placing the crayons back in the box after use is higher when compared to those using regular crayons, and the replacing the crayons repeatedly can be observed.


     Durable crayon box    

Have you had experiences that because the crayon box was soon torn, you put crayons in another case for use? In fact, people tend to buy crayons again not because they use up crayons but because crayons are broken or lost or become dirty due to damage to the crayon box. OMMO crayons have a sturdy crayon box that can protect crayons safely and after the exhaustion of crayons, be recycled for other purposes.

We adopt a soft black sponge inside the crayon box so kids perceive colors more easily and do not get hurt when taking crayons out of and put them back in the box.


     Fairytale sketchbook that tells kids about the variety of colors    

If kids think apple alone wears red, must it an embarrassing moment for you, mustn't it? That's because very various colors and shapes exist in the world. The book consists of picture books in the format of fairy tales in which children can feel interest.

We recommend that you use baby talk style to attract attention from kids. The baby talk style means speaking simple short words slowly and repeatedly in a little higher tone. Please ask your kids about something, and have a conversation with them so they can communicate with others naturally.


       I N F O R M A T I O N     

Crayons size : 35 x 55 x 36.5 mm / Weight : 20g

Fairytale sketchbook size : 149 x 149 mm / Count : 10 sheets

Box size : 160 x 160 x 35 mm / Weight : 280 g (box + crayons)


       P H O T O     

prototype design - optimal size and form for the baby

There are visible and invisible value in the world.

Do not be nervous about any mistake made by kids. Rather, take a step backward and wait.

Maybe such mistake serves kids greatly in their future. Children are the very persons that can learn and do anything.


Please help children do creative activities or ask interesting questions.


Now, then...


Are you ready to be impressed by the sparkling creativity of lovely children?


*A fixed amount of the profits are used for children in need of aid, including those visually impaired.

Currently, the crayons are donated to several schools for the blind, and the number will increased gradually.

Although the beginning is small, we hope everyone could walk hand in hand.


Written by OMMO



Educational crayons that allow kids to perceive colors through their sense of touch and sight


Pebble shape that helps children develop fine motor skills.


Rounded crayons that are easy to hold.


Can be used by children with some visual impairment.


A fairy tale sketchbook with diverse colors.


Safe, nontoxic materials.

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